Another fantastic encounter at the OM Yoga Show

Check out this practitioner’s experience with Punk Rock Yoga:

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Punk Rock Yoga rubs off on an aspiring teacher in London

Check it out in her own words:

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OM Yoga Show in London

Mel and Yasmin of Newbury, UK were joined at the OM Yoga Show in London last week by Trevor, straight out of Vancouver, BC. They went big. Check it out:

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Punk Rock Yoga NYC Returns

PRY in NYC Power Hour

55 minutes of sweaty, safe, and fun yoga.

All you need is a yoga mat, yourself, and a willingness to transform.

6pm at 440 Lafayette Street Check Room assignments sheet on the 4th Floor for room number (look for Brian M Williams on the sheet)

$15 RSVP to Brian as space is limited
Punk Rock Yoga NYC

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Correction: Catch Trevor at the OM Yoga Show in London

The show is rapidly approaching. Catch Trevor, all the way from Vancouver, BC, at the invite of our Newbury, UK teachers Mel and Yasmin on Friday, October 24. Trevor will be presenting, as he promises, “A 60-minute-ish practice. Talk before hand. Sweaty hugs after.” Get your tickets now. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

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London Calling–All the Way from Vancouver

Our Vancouver, BC< teacher Trevor/a> is joining forces with our Newbury, UK teachers Mel and Yasmin to present Punk Rock Kundalini at the OM Yoga Show in London next week. They will also have plenty of Punk Rock Yoga Manifesto books for sale too.

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Punk Rock Yoga in Augusta, GA

Punk Rock Yoga is on at Dancing Dogs Yoga-Augusta this Sunday from 3.00-4.00pm! We’re collecting donations for Lucky Dog Rescue – AND – a donation enters you to win a 5 Class Pass. Do good stuff, get good yoga. Win/win!

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So What is Punk Rock Yoga?

All types of music + all types of people + all types of yoga = Punk Rock Yoga

If you are reading this you are either intrigued or acknowledge you inner “punk”. Anarchic philosophy goes back to ancient Greece and chimes with both punk and yogic mind-sets. It uses the principles of “PUNK” the music style is up to you.

During my training and in studios all round the world; I noticed that sometimes in yoga people can become distracted with the fripperies surrounding yoga, rather than the 8 limbs themselves. It shouldn’t matter what your diet is, where you brought your mat, how deep your knowledge of Sanskrit is. Yoga is broader than all of these things. It is individual, ancient and current. Let go of your attachment to label’s and boldly interpret for yourself.

I stumbled upon “The Punk Rock Yoga Manifesto” by Kimberlee Jensen Stedl whilst on Amazon, its mission – to scrub the elitism and rigidity out of modern yoga. Embrace the DIY principles of punk; strip out the “twaddle” and just get on with enjoying yoga for itself.

It led to a meeting with Brian Williams and early adopter of the PRY movement in a studio in Ahimsa studio, Harlem, NY. Who with great kindness and empathy took time to give me an insight into PRY back in summer 2013.

Punk Rock Yoga® is Hatha yoga with a twist. It is practiced in unconventional spaces and often features live musicians. It offers an open-minded and straight-forward approach to yoga philosophy while embracing the ancient yoga tradition of Do-It-Yourself. PRY believes yoga is for everyone. This is why the Wild Lotus Studio in Newbury, Berkshire, UK is proud to be the first Punk Rock Yoga Studio in the UK. We will be launching PRY at our workshop on Fri 24th October 14 at 3.15pm at the Om Yoga Show. Led by the “Stage Diving Yogi” Trevor Westerlund from Canada

Kimberlee Jensen Stedl originated PRY in 2003 since then it has flowed across North America and Europe. Her book “Punk Rock Yoga Manifesto, Transcend, Accept Work, Look” is a beautifully written, knowledgeable and reasoned response to modern yoga. Encompassing all the major historical/philosophical yogic texts and principles; whilst making them easy for the layman to understand.

Written by Mel Evans from Wild Lotus Studio, Newbury. 29th September 2014.

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Yoga in Costa Rica with our NYC instructor Brian

Yes, two of our fabulous Punk Rock Yoga instructors are leading retreats in Costa Rica this January. Check out Brian’s retreat. Deadline to register is Halloween:

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Visit Mel and Yasmin at their new studio in Newbury, UK

Huge congratulations to Mel and Yasmin, who teach Punk Rock Yoga in Newbury, Berkshire, UK. Check out their fabulous new studio: Wild Lotus

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