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Punk Rock Yoga shirts and more on other sites

We are offering Punk Rock Yoga shirts on two print-on-demand sites. We hunted around for sites that offer sweatshop-free t-shirts. You can visit our shops on these sites and put our image on anything you like. You can also stretch the logo to the size you want. We do highly recommend, however, that you get the white underprint when you order. Also, please note, if you are ordering American Apparel shirts they do shrink, so it’s advised to order a larger size, or simply line dry them.

Skreened–go here for ordering within the US or anywhere around the world for that matter

Wordans–go here if you are ordering from within Canada or want to get a bulk discount on ordering multiple shirts

Shirts available direct from us

The t-shirts available directly from us are made by No Sweat Apparel–they are union-made and sweatshop-free. Shirts will shrink with the first wash.

Price is $15 plus shipping. Note you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay by credit card. If you have any problems ordering, or wish to pay by check, please contact Kimberlee at yoga@punkrockyoga.com.

Click on the t-shirt to see a detailed image.

Black spaghetti tank

Spaghetti tank top in black


Green spaghetti tank

Spaghetti tank in revolution green


Black, unisex t-shirt

Unisex T-shirt in Black


Revolution green, unisex t-shirt

Unisex T-shirt in Revolution Green


Black women's muscle shirt

Women's muscle shirt in black


Green women's muscle shirt

Women's muscle shirt in revolution green



Janell looking fabulous in our Punk Rock Yoga t-shirt

Our special model here is Seattle PRY instructor Janell, who also created the kick-ass new design.



2 Responses to Punk Rock Yoga–Clothing

  1. Kye says:

    Damn, I am so sad the Large unisex black shirt is out of stock! Any chance that new ones might get ordered?