Punk Rock Yoga–Tia Taymar

Tia Taymar

Tia Taymar

Teaching location: Las Vegas, NV

Contact this teacher: lasvegas@punkrockyoga.com

About this teacher: Tia Taymar began her yoga journey in the late 1990s. She was working as a professional dancer and was introduced to yoga by her dance mentor Shawn Hughes. Shawn used yoga as a way to improve the dancers health and overall wellbeing. Tia loved the practice so much that she quickly sought out other yoga classes in the valley.

Tia found yoga as a place of comfort when she lost her grandmother to lung cancer. Tia felt such comfort and personal power from her yoga practice that she decided she wanted to learn more and share it with the world.

In 2004, Tia became a certified yoga instructor under the guidance of Larry Shultz, Maggie Verdarame, and the “Its Yoga” System. Along with her yoga certification, Tia also took several courses on Indian Philosophy and Non –Violence. She has also had the pleasure of studying with great teachers like Swami Ramanada.

Tia quickly realized that people had an idea of what yoga was supposed to be and at that time in Las Vegas it seemed to exclude many people. She decided to change that. She combined her Astanga practice with different styles of music to reach young adults that had been touched by violence. She taught classes in women’s shelters and for different rape crisis groups.

Currently, Tia is a teacher for the Clark County school district where she works with high school aged kids that suffer from severe emotional disturbances. She is also working on a positive body image program for women and girls using the philosophy and practice of yoga. Tia continues to dance and teach a variety of yoga classes in Las Vegas Nevada. She is very excited and honored to be infusing Punk Rock Yoga into the Las Vegas yoga culture.



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