Punk Rock Yoga–New Orleans

Special Series Beginning February 8, 2017

Embodied Alchemy


Begins February 8th

12 weeks. 11 Classes. 10 Habits. 9 Coaching Labs. Change your body. Change your mind. Change your life. So you can change the fucking world.

Regular Schedule

Wednesdays 530-7pm @Fair Grinds–Punk Rock Flow (II)

Thursdays 530-645pm @ Funky NOLA–Punk Rock Flow (II)

Fridays 6-715pm @ Swan River Yoga in the Marigny (above Feelings Cafe)–Punk Rock Flow (II)

Punk Rock Flow (II)
This is a vigorous, athletic class that is not for the weak-minded. That being said, most of the poses won’t be terribly complex, but you will hold them a long time. This a great class if you want to improve your strength and stamina. Philosophical concepts will be discussed from a straightforward, no bullshit point-of-view, and poses will be approached from the same perspective. Bring your own attitude.

Pricing/Sliding Scale Details $7-$13
All classes are offered on a sliding scale, not depending on how much money you make, but depending on how much money you have to spend on things like yoga. Here are some ways of figuring out where you might fit on the sliding scale.
$7 Functionally unemployed and barely paying the bills. (Yoga is a for real luxury.)
$9 Financial unstable, but not destitute. (Yoga is part of your health care budget.)
$11 Comfortable, but not rich. (Yoga is relatively easily integrated into your budget.)
$13 Gainfully employed. ($13 is no big deal to spend on a class.)

If you are too poor to cobble together seven bucks for class, we can talk about it. Just email, text, or call in advance so we can work something out. If you have something to trade, make it something good. If you are more than gainfully employed and feeling generous, please consider purchasing a full or partial class scholarship for a less financially comfortable classmate.

Get in touch at neworleans@punkrockyoga.com or please contact us to be added to the mailing list.



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