Punk Rock Yoga–Links

web sites
yoga and meditation
www.yoganomics.net supporting the efforts of yoga instructors in carving out a living
www.practicekindness.com yoga as a means for positive social change
www.brianwilliamsyoga.com Punk Rock Yoga New York teacher Brian Williams’ blog
yogawithannie.wordpress.com/ Seattle teacher and friend Annie Price’s blog
Punk Rock Yoga in Melbourne, Australia with Shannon Dowd
yogaempowered.blogspot.com Suzanne Stephens–an amazing yoga teacher in Seattle with a truly thoughtful blog
www.yoga4beginners.org resource to get started with yoga
www.yogajournal.com great magazine about yoga
www.yogafit.com Kimberlee’s teacher training
www.yogafinder.com find yoga teachers worldwide
yogadenada.blogspot.com/ an excellent yoga blog written by teacher Joanna Fried
www.gregowen.com awesome Seattle yoga teacher Greg Owen
www.yogawithmolly.com awesome Seattle yoga teacher Molly Price
www.ambertande.com awesome Seattle yoga teacher Amber Tande
www.meditateanddestroy.com documentary about Bhuddist meditation guru and punk Noah Levine
www.barefootyoga.com buy yoga gear
www.dharmapunx.com Buddhist meditation guru and punk
www.acroyoga.org yoga, acrobatics & Thai massage
www.mydeepmeditation.com/yoga/ yoga and meditation articles
www.miaparkyoga.com/basic-yoga-for-advanced-misfits.html/ Basic Yoga for Advanced Misfits
music and literature
www.theveraproject.org where it all started
wapsisquare.com/d/20041122.html cool cartoon – featuring a storyline inspired by Punk Rock Yoga®
dance and movement
www.skindeepstudios.net great dance studio and classes
www.rootmag.typepad.com listings for dance classes and events around the world
www.handsofkali.com awesome Seattle bellydance troupe
www.punkrockaerobics.com these chicks rock
www.8thElementDiving.com learn to scuba dive
www.yogahope.org yoga for women in recovery from addiction
www.streetyoga.org yoga and wellness for homeless and at-risk youth in the Pacific
www.youthcare.org serving Seattle’s homeless and at-risk youth
www.alexcrick.com hire a great photographer
www.mlegraphics.com hire a great graphic artist
www.pioneerorganics.com get organic produce delivered in Seattle
www.defenders.org defend our wildlife
youngchicagoauthors.org/girlspeak/ feminist prose, poetry, and art
www.moveon.org get involved and take action
www.quantumintro.com stretch your mind – learn the foundation of quantum mechanics
Punk Rock Yoga Manifesto by Kimberlee Jensen Stedl the book behind the movement
Yoga with a Friend by Kimberlee Jensen Stedl and Todd Stedl learn about partner yoga poses and applied philosophy
Yoga for Scuba Divers by Kimberlee Jensen Stedl and Todd Stedl practice on land to enhance your diving
Light on Yoga by B. K. S. Iyengar one of the authorities on yoga as practiced today
Maps to Ecstasy by Gabrielle Roth excellent book on discovering yourself through movement
Partner Yoga by Cain Carroll and Lori Kimata, N.D.
great book on working with partners of all ages and sizes
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali translation and commentary
by Sri Swami Satchidadanda
“the” book of yoga explaining the foundations, essence
and original yoga scriptures
YogaFit by Beth Shaw basic yoga instructional book written by my certification



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  1. This book is one of the best books on yoga I’ve read. It is clear, concise, and heartfelt, without going into the new age territory that so many books trying to explain the idea of “living your yoga” do. Kimberlee covers the material in a no bs style that will appeal to people looking to find what yoga is really about. It’s fun to read, funny, and engaging.

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