Punk Rock Yoga–Teachers

Welcome to our teachers section. We are very proud of the fabulous teachers of Punk Rock Yoga.

Dawn Dotson–Wiesbaden, Germany
Shannon Dowd–Melbourne, Australia
Tracey Duncan–Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Janell Hartman–Seattle, Washington
Anya Hastwell–London, England
Maggie O’Connor–Toronto, Ontario
Lindsey Ramirez–Houston, Texas
Danalynn Scott-Livingston–Central Florida
Annalisa Simmons–Augusta, Georgia
Kimberlee Jensen Stedl–Montreal, Quebec
Trevor Westerlund–Vancouver, British Columbia
Brian Williams–New York, New York

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  1. mia park says:


    hi, i’m teaching a similar class, closer to the tradition of parayoga.com , very tantric. maybe we can co-market? i’m in chicago. thanks!

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