Punk Rock Yoga–Become a Teacher

We’re thrilled you are interested in teaching the Punk Rock Yoga® style in your community. This is the licensing program for individual teachers. If you are a business seeking to license multiple teachers, or you are a non-profit, please contact us for licensing details. Please note that we do not assign exclusive territory–if you wish to teach in a city where we currently have a teacher we have room to share.

Teacher Program

Is this for me? See if these statements apply to you:

  • I practice yoga for the sheer joy of it, and as a tool to help me lead a better life.
  • I believe everyone, not just people who believe in Hinduism, can benefit from yoga.
  • Yoga students should be empowered to make their own decisions about their bodies and their minds.
  • I am ambitious and can manage my own projects quite well.
  • Yoga can be practiced anywhere, not just in a yellow-walled studio with a statue of Ganesha.
  • When newcomers enter my class, I try to welcome them, rather than impress them.
  • I enjoy studying philosophy and interpreting it for myself. I enjoy exploring the unchartered territory of new ideas.
  • I reject systems that teach the value of one person is greater than another person.
  • Making and posting fliers to promote myself sounds like a lot of fun.
  • I enjoy live music and would love to work with musicians.
  • My musical tastes have been described as edgy, eclectic, or downright weird.
  • I would love to work for myself.
  • My personal yoga practice usually involves music.
  • Bright lights and large mirrors just don’t do it for me.

If these statements apply to you, then yes, we think you’ll like it here.

What’s in it for you?

  • Punk Rock Yoga teacher guideline manual with great tips and creative ideas for making your classes truly unique
  • Space for your class schedule, information, and your bio on www.punkrockyoga.com
  • Use of the Punk Rock Yoga logo in your promotional material
  • Use of Punk Rock Yoga’s social media presence
  • Consultations and advice on everything from finding a venue to finding musicians to class guidance strategies
  • Punk Rock Yoga teacher discussion list access – an active support network of like-minded teachers
  • Marketing and public relations support
  • Chance to set your own schedule and operate your own independent class
  • Opportunity to determine your own costs (you license as a for-profit enterprise, all we ask is that you keep your classes affordable and accessible)

What we require of teachers:

  • Have a minimum 60 contact hours of yoga teacher training through a teacher-training school
  • Have training in the following areas: anatomy and physiology, modifications for various populations and injuries, verbal and gentle physical adjustments, and the eight limbs of yoga
  • Be actively working on continued teacher training and education
  • Have professional liability insurance

What it costs:

  • $100 one-time fee (or $120 if paid in 12 monthly installments)

How to apply

Send an email to Kimberlee at yoga@punkrockyoga.com and include:

  • Your name, address, and phone number
  • Your bio including details on your yoga teacher training experience
  • A short essay on the following: what drew you to Punk Rock Yoga, how you interpret the philosophy, and your ideas for offering Punk Rock Yoga in your community

Thanks so much for your interest and please ask as many questions as you like about the program.



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