Punk Rock Yoga–Prenatal Locust Pose

Locust (Salambhasana) Modified for Pregnant Women

By Kimberlee Jensen Stedl

Locust pose is fantastic for building strength in postural muscles such as the rhomboids, which in fact is crucial for pregnant women to counteract the rounding of the upper body that often occurs. However, lying on the abdomen is not a good idea during pregnancy, so this version is modified to get the same upper body benefits but without the risk. The one thing missing is a strengthener from the hip extending gluteal muscles, but that is possible with other poses.


  • Strengthens the rhomboids in the back of the shoulders
  • Stretches pectoral muscles of the chest and anterior deltoid muscles of the shoulder
  • Resets the neck muscles to maintain a long and healthy cervical spine

Getting into the pose

  1. Enter from a kneeling position
  2. Bending forward at the hips, lean the chest and head down to an almost parallel position with the floor
  3. Draw your hands alongside your hips, turning the palms outward and the thumbs to the sky
  4. Squeeze the shoulderblades together to open the chest
  5. Keeping the back of the neck long, lift the back of the head

Subtle points

The eyes stay focused on the earth. Often people turn to look up, which compresses the cervical spine. Here we are lifting the back, not the top of the head, to keep length in the neck.


You can cross your fingers behind your back to further open the chest here.

Happy posing, Namaste



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