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Extending liberation throughout our day

This is the final of three posts based upon our forum discussion in NYC this June. According to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, one of the definitive texts on yoga, the final step, or limb, on the yogic path is

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Overstepping our bounds as teachers

At our recent forum discussion in NYC we talked about yoga teachers taking things a bit too far in their lectures. We discussed some root causes of this and how to remedy it. Unlike Pilates, which was developed as a

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Living your namaste

We tackled some hefty topics at a recent forum discussion in NYC and will be posting a series of pieces resulting from that discussion. There’s a differentiation between people who take yoga classes to feel better physically and mentally and

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Underground Above-Ground Classes in NYC

Want to rock some yoga in the open air as the sun sets over Manhattan? If this sounds like your idea of the beginning of a good weekend, come and work your body, unwind your mind, and detox your day

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Punk Rock Yoga in Vancouver

Want to know more about Punk Rock Yoga in Vancouver–check out this article for the amazing space where classes are being held. Take Trevor’s PUNKundalini class

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So, are you coming?

Forum and book reading June 8, Simple Studios, NYC!/events/368075499906970/

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I’m taking ideas

I’m preparing for the PRY philosophy talk in NYC and would love some ideas. Tell us what you would like to learn, debate, contemplate. Discussion notes will be posted on the web site for all to share. Thanks

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See for yourself

Video is worth ten thousdand words--check out Punk Rock Yoga in action

Danalynn Scott-Livingston

Punk Rock Yoga Manifesto

Punk Rock Yoga T-shirts