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Check out this piece on non-attachment

This blog is written by our Melbourne, Australia teacher Shannon:

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Punk Rock Yoga back in Central Florida

Classes are back on! Join Danalynn September 30 at Equilibrium.

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Book excerpt: Non-excess (brahmacharya)

We will be featuring excerpts from the Punk Rock Yoga Manifesto to encourage discussion and an exchange of ideas. Please comment and add your thoughts on this aspect of yoga practice. Non-excess (brahmacharya) Brahmacharya (brah-mah-CHAHR-yah) Definition: “By one established in

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We’re an entry on wiseGEEK

Actually a very accurate portrayal:  

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See for yourself

Video is worth ten thousdand words--check out Punk Rock Yoga in action

Danalynn Scott-Livingston

Punk Rock Yoga Manifesto