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Input wanted on teacher training

We’re working on some teacher training and thinking of doing some online. We want to hear from you: Are you interested? What are your goals? Have you already started some teacher training? What would you like to learn? Talk to

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Check us out on Facebook

Many of our teachers are using Facebook and Twitter to communicate about their classes. Please visit our Facebook page or contact us to be added to the list when announcements go out. You can find contact information for all the

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Announcing Augusta, Georgia!

We are thrilled to welcome another teacher to our fold. Please meet Annalisa Simmons, who will be teaching in Augusta, Georgia. Watch this space for details on her first class June 22.

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Changes to Punk Rock Yoga teacher licensing program

We have some exciting news. After much consideration, the teacher licensing program is now a one-time $100 fee rather than annual. It makes much more sense on a lot of levels, especially now that the world is basically in an

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Must be registered to comment

Sorry to do this, but the spam comments are getting out of hand. We would love comments here on this site, but please register first. We are racking up 100 spam comments per day, so the site now requires that

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Shipping charges they are a changing

The Punk Rock Yoga mothership has landed in Montreal which means Canada Post prices on shipping. The bad news–shipping costs for t-shirts will be going up. The good news–shipping costs will stay right where they are through the end of

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You tell me

Communication in yoga classes is typically unidirectional. Teachers ask for feedback, but either students have no time to linger after class providing it, or cannot quite synthesize what they want to say until it is too late. So, I’m looking

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T-shirt orders–get them in now

If you’re thinking of one of our union-made, sweatshop-free t-shirts designed by our very own instructor Janell for the holidays, please get your order in this week! our t-shirts Books ship from amazon, lulu, etc. directly. Cheers, Kimberlee

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Welcome to Punk Rock Yoga

images from a Punk Rock Yoga class in Seattle

Welcome to Punk Rock Yoga and our new site design. If you have any trouble finding something, please contact us: Want to know what Punk Rock Yoga is all about? Well, if a picture is worth 1,000 words, then

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See for yourself

Video is worth ten thousdand words--check out Punk Rock Yoga in action

Danalynn Scott-Livingston

Punk Rock Yoga Manifesto

Punk Rock Yoga T-shirts