Punk Rock Yoga Albany!

Our beloved first overseas Punk Rock Yoga ambassador, Dawn Dotson, is stateside and is bringing Punk Rock Yoga to Albany, NY. Classes meet Tuesday and Thursdays at 5pm at Empty House Studios beginning March 10. Spread the word!

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Lots of things happening in the new year

Welcome to 2015. Our teachers are very busy with intensive series in New Orleans, retreats in Costa Rica, and partner yoga workshops in Montréal. Get in touch with our teachers to learn more.

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Holiday Shipping

Please contact us at yoga@punkrockyoga.com about expedited shipping if you are ordering a shirt through us. If you are ordering through Wordans or Skreened please note their turn-around times. Thanks

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Punk Rock Yoga T-shirts for Christmas

If you are thinking Punk Rock Yoga t-shirts for Christmas gifts, here’s the scoop: We sell some directly which are union-made sweatshop-free. If you are ordering in bulk contact us info@punkrockyoga.com and we will calculate bulk shipping.

Also, we have stores on Skreened and Wordens in Canada so you can put our logo on any number of things, including a doggie sweater if that’s your thing.

Thanks for adding us to your shopping list.

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Remembrance Day Challenge

Tomorrow marks Remembrance Day–a day set aside to remember those who died in the hell that is war. A challenge to everyone: set aside 10 minutes to reflect and remember a deceased warrior–not necessarily a soldier as a warrior can take many forms–and if you are doing a full personal practice, dedicate your practice to that person or group of people. Then take one concrete action to help stop the ongoing wars–beyond just signing a petition, find some action you can take to either help prevent more fighting or relieve the suffering of victims. Tomorrow marks an excellent day to get our heads out of the yoga clouds for a moment and see what steps we can take to end the very real suffering of others here and now.

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Another fantastic encounter at the OM Yoga Show

Check out this practitioner’s experience with Punk Rock Yoga: https://www.facebook.com/Josie182/posts/10204449848020275

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Punk Rock Yoga rubs off on an aspiring teacher in London

Check it out in her own words: http://flaurayoga.blogspot.ca/2014/10/saying-yes-to-yoga.html

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OM Yoga Show in London

Mel and Yasmin of Newbury, UK were joined at the OM Yoga Show in London last week by Trevor, straight out of Vancouver, BC. They went big. Check it out:

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Punk Rock Yoga NYC Returns

PRY in NYC Power Hour

55 minutes of sweaty, safe, and fun yoga.

All you need is a yoga mat, yourself, and a willingness to transform.

6pm at 440 Lafayette Street Check Room assignments sheet on the 4th Floor for room number (look for Brian M Williams on the sheet)

$15 RSVP to Brian as space is limited
Punk Rock Yoga NYC

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Correction: Catch Trevor at the OM Yoga Show in London

The show is rapidly approaching. Catch Trevor, all the way from Vancouver, BC, at the invite of our Newbury, UK teachers Mel and Yasmin on Friday, October 24. Trevor will be presenting, as he promises, “A 60-minute-ish practice. Talk before hand. Sweaty hugs after.” Get your tickets now. Go ahead, we’ll wait.


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