Punk Rock Yoga: Kimberlee Jensen Stedl

Kimberlee Jensen Stedl

Montreal, QC, CA


Kimberlee founded Punk Rock Yoga®in July, 2003. She has been an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified instructor since 1992 and is also a YogaFit® certified instructor. Her yoga teacher training includes the special arts of teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga, yoga for seniors, and kids yoga. Kimberlee is author of the Punk Rock Yoga Manifesto: Look, Work, Accept, Transcend and co-author of Yoga for Scuba Divers and Yoga with a Friend.

She began her yoga journey in 1996 and has studied a variety of styles but found the adaptive vinyasa (flow) style as taught by YogaFit® a perfect match with her own personal philosophy that yoga is for everyone. She has studied in workshops with some of the bigger names in yoga but learned a tremendous amount from the local teachers who formed her first connection to yoga.

In addition to yoga, Kimberlee has studied African dance, Egyptian cabaret bellydance, tribal bellydance, Romani dance, and Argentine tango. She also spent a year performing with an experimental bellydance troupe and performs occasionally as a soloist. She created Shake Rattle & Pose® in 2005 to fuse her two loves of yoga and dance.

She believes yoga should bring someone closer to a state of peace through active meditation. Since spirituality is profound and personal, Kimberlee allows students to explore their own spirituality in yoga, rather than dictate that students must all be Hindus/Buddhists/Bahai/etc. In yoga, everyone has a place to work, no matter how long someone has been practicing. Yoga teaches inner strength, so Kimberlee believes people should view themselves from the inside, not from the outside.

Kimberlee is also the mother to two children. Yes, for real.

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Montreal Classes

Kimberlee is currently working on new offerings in MTL. Stay tuned.